My passion for computing and software development began from a very young age; and throughout the course of subsequent decades, my eye for detail and can-do attitude have resulted in a deep wealth of knowledge and experience in programming effective, and sometimes intriguing solutions to a wide range of business opportunities.

Key Skills

C# / LINQ / EF
Performant Code
API Design
Data Analysis / BI
Functional Paradigm
Azure Cloud
Line Management
Linux Admin

Senior Software Developer

Lexacom Limited
April 2024 - To Date
  • Technical expert on everything .Net & WPF for the team, contributing significantly towards refactors & feature design work.
  • Modernising DevOps employing Docker/Podman for the various infrastructure services implementing best practices for DockerFile/Compose authoring, laying foundation for Kubernetes scaling.
  • Mentoring fellow teammates in C#/.Net, WPF & Avalonia, Security vulnerabilities, Node/Bun for JS/TS work.
  • Performing peer code reviews and engaging in Agile ceremonies.

Senior Software Engineer

Capital Pilot Limited
Sep 2023 - Oct 2023
  • Technical expert on everything .net for the team, leading design & implementation conversations for the next major revamp of the flagship.
  • Performed broad spectrum clean-up refactors on the flagship product, paying technical debt built over the years while also delivering feature work.
  • Led conversations focusing on improving UI & UX, as well as accessibility story for the flagship product.
  • Received a glowing letter of recommendation for my work.
  • Unfortunately, the company went in Administration (PDF), in my second month of appointment, resulting in the short engagement.

Contracting & Freelancing

Mav's Work
Jan 2022 - March 2024
  • Leveraged my extensive network and expertise to work on diverse projects in freelancing capacity, continuously expanding my knowledge and skills.
  • Mentored and served as a technical expert for Moon Prints, an eight-month project involving HTML5 Canvas powering the embedded art designer, enabling personalised print for consumers' needs.
  • Performed IT & DevOps project work setting up everything online from scratch from domain purchase to setting up CI/CD web hosting (this cv is deployed via CD) to setting up DKIM/DMARC/SPF details for email flow.
  • Invested in my professional growth by engaging in various latest technical developments such as Zig, Bun, ArrowJS, and Stric.

Business Applications Delivery Manager

Zenzero Solutions Ltd
Jun 2021 - Dec 2021
  • Played an essential role in the company's strategic growth by leading investment decisions alongside the board.
  • Coordinated and managed migration plans of legacy software to modern technology stacks(.Net/Power Platform) while mentoring team members on latest best practices.
  • Facilitated expansion as team leader & line manager, ensuring high morale and cultivating individual growth amongst team members.

Development Manager

AWSM Technologies Ltd
Sep 2019 - May 2021
  • Spearheaded a team of 26 developers (including 9 seniors) leading technically as well as line management, leveraging their combined capabilities to deliver a top-tier flagship payroll product.
  • Key participant in board meetings during strategic decisions around future development and investment.
  • Upskilled the team through ongoing detailed code reviews and regular training sessions. I'm particularly proud of having trained a graduate with a business focused degree, from the ground up, into a core team developer working on the flagship product.
  • Fostered self-sufficiency and ownership within the team.
  • Led various Agile meetings including Sprint planning, Daily stand-ups, Retrospectives.

Senior Developer

AWSM Technologies Ltd
Sep 2018 - Aug 2019
  • Lead developer for flagship payroll product.
  • Significantly boosted performance across all aspects of the flagship product.
    • Reduced the most used and data-rich page renders from 40+ to 0.64 seconds average through service code and Entity Framework query optimisations.
    • Improved a second heavily used page's performance from 30 to 0.07 seconds on average.
    • The biggest improvement was in a reporting page where the time to render thousands of results was brought down from 180 to 1.2 seconds on average.
  • Performed expert refactorings across entire codebase (despite no tests or documentation) without fail. The achievement that I am most proud of, was an invoice rounding code standardisation that was successfully completed as 200,000 lines refactor involving both C# code & SQL strings interspersed in code with no test coverage.

Software Architect

Backbone (UK) Limited
Jun 2010 - Aug 2018
  • Built full-stack automation projects from profile removals after user logouts to complex cloud infrastructure monitoring for billing & utilisation.
  • Developed desktop apps (client facing & internal tools) using WPF following established best patterns & practices.
  • Conducted data analysis yielding billing & utilisation reports with LINQPad and Excel Power Query (using M functions) from databases, CSV, XML, JSON & XLSX files as well as connecting O-Auth webservices.
  • Technical lead on cyber security and privacy matters offering recommendations to keep the company compliant and safe with ever-changing cyber landscape.

Data Analyst / IT Administrator

Prevista Ltd
Feb 2008 - Jun 2009
  • Designed key performance metric reports, enabling informed data-driven management decisions.
  • Provided extensive technical support covering various aspects of network infrastructure, including MS Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Avaya phony, MSSQL Server and ISA Server.
  • In-house expert for cyber security & Excel data analysis.
  • Delivered essential upgrades to ensure company's systems and networks scale with ongoing growth.

Project Management Processes & Tools Engineer

NOKIA Telenetworks
May 2005 - Jan 2007
  • Produced detailed reports for project management decisions using tailored Business Objects modules.
  • Designed and optimised existing deployment processes to increase efficiency and meet very tight deadlines.
  • Developed complex Excel 97 workbooks (using advanced formulae employing Indirect, Offset etc. ranges & SQL) to meet specific managerial requirements, including replicating pivot tables without VBA.
  • Automated repetitive reporting tasks with VBA saving hundreds of person-hours the course of my employment.
  • Developed Python solution for automated data entry, freeing up thousands of colleagues man-hours nationwide and significantly increasing accuracy of entries.
  • Awarded Best Team Nationwide 2006 & Zonal Team Member of the Month Sep 2005.

Network Administrator

Sep 2001 - Mar 2005
  • Automated lab deployments to reduce downtimes for machines from days to 30 minutes per machine in a network of 500+ machines.
  • Optimised network and computer systems, achieving a 20-30% performance increase across the board while slashing hardware requirements by 50% doubling the capacity.
  • Migrated & consolidated Windows server to Linux boxes, leading to budget savings of 83% in licensing.

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